Advanced IT Infrastructure
Backup, Recovery and Archiving
Backup, Recovery and Archiving
Aiming strong and secure continuity, growing businesses have become more aware of the need to backup their data and envisage disaster recovery plans. Effective data management at Bahr Al Amwaj is supported by a comprehensive portfolio of backup software and hardware solutions that allow an open and uninterrupted access to IT resources. We help your business define its KPIs and create a customized backup solution that shall safeguard organizational data and records.

Stored data and archiving are subject to a list of regulatory and legal frameworks that affect different types of data and business sectors in unique ways. Regulatory compliance controls how data can be stored and later restored, who has access to it, in addition to data classification and retention requirements. Bahr Al Amwaj offers an Enterprise Archiving Solution that addresses your business policies of data archiving through centralized and automated data retention capabilities.
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